Saturday, November 29, 2008

Help Mumbai

I am shocked, angry and condemn the atrocities committed by the terrorists in Mumbai. My condolences are with Mumbaikars, the victims and their families. I want to do more, and therefore have started writing this post to seek avenues and mechanisms by which we can collectively help Mumbai not just in this hour of need but in the days and years ahead. I hope God gives us all the strength to make a positive difference.

Folks across the world from all walks of lives have expressed similar condemnation which is needed, necessary but still relatively easy. Can we collectively do more? I grew up in Bombay, and frequented the very places that were the target of these dastardly acts. The media has done an excellent job to bring the tragedy into our living rooms and got us agitated, but they will move on to the next big story. Should we move on and forget our anger? Mumbaikars will get back to work and their daily grind. We will focus on our children’s school, their homework and raise them for the tough competitions ahead. As days and weeks pass by, the tragedy will remain in our memories but the emotional intensity will start receding. Mumbai will slowly but surely limp back into business and politicians will exclaim from every podium that Mumbai has won the battle on terror? It will be a psychological victory to get the city back in business again, but would it be a permanent victory? Would Mumbai have won one of the many battles in the war on terror, or will it win the war on terror?
Small things in life are very important but will we forget, can we forget, shall we forget the emotional intensity of millions? Can we tap into this energy and direct it to win the war on terror? Small things in life should remain important, but can we adopt a new lifestyle that includes an ongoing debate of introspection that continues to remind us of the dire need to resolve the issues at stake amicably, and make this world a better place for our kids and future generations?

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Candle-light Vigils, Condolence Meetings

I found links to several candle-light vigils and condolence meetings at Mumbai Help blog. There are vigils scheduled from Leopold Cafe on 29th November at 7:00 PM to condolence meetings at Royal Albert’s Palace in New Jersey on 7th December at 12:30 PM. The blog has a list of links and valuable information at:

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Navigate Our Future

There are some amongst us who feel that terrorism should be crushed with force while there are others who want to understand the pscyhe of terrorists and fix it. Either approach seems hollow without a comprehensive plan that addresses these issues as well as many more. Some approaches are tactical while others are strategic. I am sure that this debate will continue, and hopefully evolve to something more than words and literature. Let us unite and help create a roadmap, an action plan that keeps the world a safer place for us, and more importantly our kids and future generations.

Your support, thoughts, ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated.